Back-to-School 2020-21 Info


  • This page will be updated as needed.

It is time to update your model of instructional delivery for October, 2020. Do you want to continue Face-to-face or change to [email protected]? or vice versa? Email Ms. Harrelson at: [email protected]. Make sure that you state your student's name and grade level.

Do you have internet service? Do you need a hot spot? You have two options:
  •  Fill out a Hot Spot Request Form with OCPS:

Spectrum is providing Free Internet for Orange County Residents in their service area, for more information click this link:

  • Use this link to complete the Parent Technology Media Information Consent Form (PTMICF) which must be completed annually for all students.
The form is available in several languages.
Make sure you download the form to your computer or cell phone.
You can now complete the form, save it again, and then email it to the school's email:
[email protected]

Check out the links to the Virtual Open House-- it has important information about your child's device:

Grades K-1

English link

Spanish link

Grades 2-5

English link

Spanish link


If you wish to buy the School Spirit Shirts, here is the link to buy them and pay using School Pay: 

School Pay to by Spirit Shirt

  • On Monday, July 27th, 2020 the Florida Department of Education approved OCPS to designate Distance Learning Days from August 10-20 (nine days).
    • All students registered for face-to-face or [email protected] will be on the LaunchEd platform from home starting on August 10th.
    • Students that chose the Face-to-Face model will return to the school building on Friday, August 21, 2020.
  • Visit OCPS School Reopening Plan for additional information on the available programs:
  • The three available models are:
  • Face-to-Face
  • Orange County Virtual School
  • LaunchED @ Home
    • If you have not answered the survey after it closed on Monday July 27th, call the school at 407-877-5047 to state you preference.
    • Staff have also been calling anyone that we don't have answers from.

  • The Classroom Supply Lists have been uploaded to the school website. Click on the link to visit the page.
  • The Lists were created assuming the students would return to the school building. If you are choosing [email protected], your child will still need some supplies, but not as many as if he/she is physically returning to the building.
  • It is recommended that you invest in buying headphones or earbuds to use with the laptops. This will help with distractions if at home, and it is an item the students should not share once they are back in the building.