Drug and Violence Prevention SAFE

Student Assistance and Family Empowerment

Our Vision
To support student achievement by providing socio-emotional assistance to OCPS students and families.

Mission Statement
To empower students and families by creating a healthy SAFE environment in partnership with the community, where students can become productive citizen.

In 1987 the Student Assistance and Family Empowerment Program was established and is funded under the Safe and Drug Free Schools Act. The program fashioned after the Student Assistance Program (SAP) model and is delivered by a SAFE Coordinator at most OCPS middle and high schools. A team approach is used to work with at-risk students and their families.

Schools and communities have long been aware that the problems related to violence, alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use interfere with the effectiveness of efforts to educate and prepare youth for the future. The effect on youth who participate in acts of violence and/or drug use may result in truancy, dropouts, poor grades, teenage pregnancy, teenage suicide, and disciplinary problems. Without appropriate intervention, these students will remain at even greater risk for serious social, emotional health and academic problems.

The younger the person, the more developmentally vulnerable the person is to potential problems. If these students are not identified and assisted during school-aged years, they may likely carry these problems with them into society.

Most students do not use drugs or engage in acts of violence. However, they may be exposed to drugs or violence in school, social and family settings. Prevention and intervention programs, which are provided in the schools, teach positive decision making, conflict resolution, and resiliency skills for the benefit of all students. Research indicates the schools that provide these types of programs create a more positive school climate.

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SAFE Ambassador Club
"Be the Change that you wish to see in the world"

This group of students shares the common goal of wanting to create a more peaceful, drug free school environment. They help to implement a variety of prevention and awareness activities to try to reach this goal. Contact Joseph Cormier [email protected] for more information.

Activities Include:
Red Ribbon Week
Bullying Prevention Week
Suicide Prevention - SOS Presentation